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An average hotel has approximately only 14 minutes Face-Time contact with the guest, from reception to breakfast to check out. What if you could multiply this direct interactive contact with the guest many times. Guests can access over the hotel TV or their own Smart device their new interactive Hotel service, Live.TV or room service whether at the pool or at the spa. Allow your guests to google or buy directly any service or product that they want! Everywhere and at all times and that fully automated! Become the Google of the hotel industry, guest and localization data at all times. We reduce costs associated with bureaucracy and administration through automation, so that you can give back the saved resources to your guests in the form of personalized service. That is what we would like to do! In the end, it is up to you, if you want to be a simple budget hotel or a modern hotel nowadays, which offers the highest comfort and service for reasonable prices.


The first modular Smart building Solution – it is a real innovation! This Building Operating System is completely modular, easy to setup, ready for plug and play not only in new environments, but also in existing buildings. We have interfaces to all your back-end solutions (Energy-systems, D-TV Networks, Television IPTV Systems, VoD Services, Music Streaming Services and much more). It is a totally new experience of.Personal content and full room control. Say: „Let there be light.“ in your mother language and it will become true!

U-TV or U-Box

With the U-BOS solutions you can rest assured that we will always include the best, fastest and most stable software/hardware components out there. Which may not necessarily be th very latest! The U-TV or U-Box is built on Google’s operating system Android™, which offers great speed, reliability and flexibility.

Air-Mouse & Remote

Could it be as easy as just pointing and clicking? Yes – with the U-BOS Air-mouse remote, it just works! As soon as your guests pick it up, a nice big pointer starts moving on the screen, and they immediately understand that by moving their hand, it controls the pointer. It’s as easy as your kids’ Wii remote at home! One remote to do everything. Flip it over, and there’s even a keyboard. Supports both RF and IR signal.

Game Controller

Control goes beyond pure power, it requires absolute adaptability. Complete with the features of a full-fledged console controller, the UBOS controller elevates your android gaming experience to a whole new level.

Battle-Tested, Gamer Approved. Meticulously designed for superior gameplay and menu navigation. Connect to any ANDROID device for superior control at home and on the go.

Entertainment tailored for you

Apps, Games and much more TV content. Get your apps in our store, or rent a movie if your app doesn´t have what you´re looking for. Effortless browsing with voice commands and more watching Live TV filtered and tailored to your personal preferences and nationality. All Streaming Services are seamlessly integrated and easy to use.

Google Cast and AirPlay

Cast your personal content, pictures, videos, music and apps from your Android or Apple Smartphone or Tablet, Mac or Windows Laptop to the TV.

Search media libraries, change TV channels or control lights, blinds or AC.

 Just press the mic button and say what should happen on your TV and in your room

„All lights off“! Up to 4K UHD Streaming

Entertainment abgestimmt auf sie.

Apps, Games und viel mehr Fernsehinhalt . Hol dir deine Apps in unserem Store, oder leihen sie sich einen Film aus wenn ihre App nicht das enthält was sie suchen. Durchsuchen sie ohne Mühe ihren Browser nur mit ihrer Stimme, sehen sie Live TV gefiltert und  maßgeschneidert auf ihre persönlichen Vorlieben und Nationalität. Alle Streamingservices sind nahtlos integriert und einfach in der Anwendung.

Google Cast und Airplay

Casten sie ihre eigenen Daten, Bilder, Videos, Musik und Apps von ihrem Apple oder Android Smartphone oder Tablet, Mac oder Windows Tablett auf den Fernseher.

Durchsuchen sie Mediatheken,  ändern sie ihre Sender oder Kontrollieren sie das Licht, die Fensterläden oder die Klimaanlage. Drücken sie einfach die MIC taste und sagen sie was passieren soll, auf ihrem Fernseher oder in ihrem Raum „All Lights off“! Bis zu 4K UHD Streaming


Going keyless is the key: The hotel room key goes mobile. The known keycard  may become as obsolete as the brass room key it replaced. Our App not only allows you to open your room, it even offers mobile Check-In & Out! The mobile key can be shared to your family or businesspartner just by one click. Your guests expect you just in the room, even if you are late! City-Guide, Orientiation via Google Maps and all your hotel informations are also available directly in the app.


U-BOS Room Control Solution is an end-to-end system for the control of Heat, Ventilation & Air conditioning, room terminal equipment, Door lock, Lighting, Sun blinds, Appliances and more. Therefore achieving the highest levels of comfort for occupants while decreasing operating cost, from installation time and wiring/material requirements to energy consumption.

It is a unique, modular solution designed for local or room applications, such as Hotel rooms, offices, patient rooms, dorms, best ager rooms, etc.

  1. The  video monitoring function - Real-time monitoring, Remote monitoring, Movementmonitoring, Images storage, Video playback.

  2. The intelligent alarm function  - Wireless protected area alarm, Composite logic alarm, Message alarm, Multimedia message alarm, Intelligent alarm.

  3. The function of electric appliance controlling - Lighting control, Curtain control, Air condition control, Electric appliance control.

  4. The function of timed control - Timing the electric appliance, Timing the protected area, Timing the scene.

  5. The ambiance function - Combining the lamp ,curtain, air condition  with other household appliances or devices at will.It will form a scene model and button start.

  6. The remote function - Customer can control the electric appliance and monitor in different place through by user terminal software.

SAVE THE WORLD FOR OUR CHILDREN -50% CO2 Emission right now and not 40% in 2030!


Google or Facebook has shown us how to analyze data and how their results can make money. With this tool, you can analyze the purchasing behavior of your guests, you can adapt your platform to meet customer needs, and learn what your guests are really interested in. Which places in the vicinity  are frequently googled or visited! Our Building Operating System delivers al the information about consumption, quality control to you through our innovative Interface and if you are really interested, we tell you everything about the working behaviour of your staff.



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High tech products unveiled at HK electronic Fair

High tech products unveiled at HK electronic Fair

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UBOS 4 0 Software

UBOS 4 0 Software

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U BOS Lindner Cut FC

U BOS Lindner Cut FC

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